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Such a fun spooky point and click. I really love the atmosphere. I did get stuck for bit, but thats my own stupidity of overlooking something. Loved to see more from you.

Fun little game. Pretty simple and not overly involved. Atmospheric with some very creepy moments. Nice quick diversion if you've got half hour to an hour to kill.

J'ai du mal pour la mine. Je suis entré mais je tourne en rond et revient toujours à l'entrée.

La traduction canadien est amusante !

My wife and I loved playing through this together! Nice job :) 


Really enjoyed playing this game, took me back to the old days of point and click. Some of the best horror movies and games work on suspense and atmosphere rather than cheap jump scares and slashing, and that's what I love about this game. We know there is something out there, but it's not in our face every second. The puzzles were good, although I did derp a little at times. I would love to see more.


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SHIVER is a great point and click game with a decent storyline. The atmosphere and graphics are really good for this game and I will give you a thumbs up for that. However, I felt that there was a lack of an intriguing story in the game and the monster in the game wasn't seen very often and I really want to know the origin of the creature and where the creature come from. Furthermore, there are some parts of the puzzle where I believe that members of the public will face problems with due to a lack of information given for some parts especially the ending to put the fireworks on the car. Overall, its a great game and I look forward to play more horror games produced by the creators. Thank you.

20-40 minutes, depending on how much common sense you have. We took 60.

This game is spooky, great artwork as well.

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Scared the bejeesus outta me XD and I loved every second

Loved the atmosphere of this game! Very well done!

Such a great game you have made it kept me until the end, that my friend is a game well made. Amazing job 

Amazing, very spooky would play again 10/10

Even though I technically *tried* to play this game before, it still scared me and I still think this is a well-made game!

Had fun trying out this point and click style game!  

Enjoyed playing. Nicely atmospheric and good visuals. Puzzles were not too hard and just at the right level to keep me engaged. Well done to the creators.

Well this was pretty excellent.

I haven't seen many horror games doen in this first-person point and click style, but everything about Shiver works. From the (few) brief jumpscares, the visual style and the overall creepiness to even small, subtle changes that emphasize a mood (Don't think I didn't notice that the transfer between screens is different after you find the mysteirous "nest" in the mines).

Granted, while I admit in the video that I just missed some fairly obvious hints, I do feel like some of the last few points of progression suddenly require a completely different mindset than everything else has so far, but it doesn't at all detract from the experiene. Shiver is deightfully creepy story that sets the mood right from the very title. Brilliant work.

just to emphasize what many have already said; I can’t stress enough how nice it is to have a great atmospheric point-and-click horror game. We need more of this. 

I loved this game so much. I'm a little horrible at puzzles and trying to put things together but it wasn't too frustrating for me. I think it had a perfect amount of suspense and the art was wonderful. Thank you for making such a great game!

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enjoyed it posted it on my channel!  didn't do any fake scary commentary or face cam  

this was cool didn't have enough time to finish it in one run but i really enjoyed the game alot.


Wow this was creepy lol very good pacing with the monster appearances, made for a great build up! 

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Somehow equal parts subtle and terrifying! Thank you for this "wicked" game lmao

A few suggestions:

  • when the background track is looping, it could use a smoother transition because it goes quiet for a second before starting up again
  • the embankment should be mirrored

Just a few miner details to fix (haha), otherwise we loved the game!

btw 40:00 - 47:00 of the video gives a lengthier review!

this was so much fun!

This was so much fun! When it was over I wanted more!

I played this game on Twitch & I must say that I really enjoyed it! It was unsettling in all the right places & the art style & sound design were very well done. My only gripe is that it was rather short. I would love to play more games like this in the future!

i really enjoyed this well done

great game

Excellent writing, beautiful art, and great sound effects! Puzzle difficulty was neither obscure nor too easy - they were just right for me. 

I really enjoyed Cozy, but this was a huge step up. I would absolutely pay for a full length game from you. Well done, friends.

Nice little game! I enjoyed it! The atmosphere is what drew me in the most, great job!

This has been a long time coming! Finally got around to playing this on my channel and I gotta say, It's a pretty great game and very well made! If you're interested, My playthrough is below. 


I cant believe how much this scared me lol.

If you want thick atmosphere, solid puzzles and masterfully built suspense, this is the game for you! Loved every second of it.

Just downloaded the Mac version, sadly I can't play it because macOS Catalina doesn't allow 32 bit apps to be run anymore. So if you want to play this on a Mac, don't update to Catalina yet.

Hey, Mr. Horrible Underground Creature? You got something riiiight... all over your mouth area.


For my second Let's Play, I took a crack at your awesome spooky game! I also may have found a bug. I have a knack for that... 

Thanks for the experience! I am looking forward to more!

The third and final part to my playthrough of Shiver. I enjoyed this game so much. It was truly terrifying. 😱😁


I haven't been this terrified of a horror game since Exmortis. Thank you!! Here's the first 2 episodes of my playthrough....

Episode 1:

Episode 2:

Really enjoyed this, was not expecting to get frights from a point and Click game so there you go 

(spanish lets play :D) the game was really awesome and draws you in so quick it really immersive. the art style drew me into this game tbh it the reason i check it out lol. keep the amazing work :D

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