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I played this game on Twitch & I must say that I really enjoyed it! It was unsettling in all the right places & the art style & sound design were very well done. My only gripe is that it was rather short. I would love to play more games like this in the future!

i really enjoyed this well done

great game

Excellent writing, beautiful art, and great sound effects! Puzzle difficulty was neither obscure nor too easy - they were just right for me. 

I really enjoyed Cozy, but this was a huge step up. I would absolutely pay for a full length game from you. Well done, friends.

Nice little game! I enjoyed it! The atmosphere is what drew me in the most, great job!

This has been a long time coming! Finally got around to playing this on my channel and I gotta say, It's a pretty great game and very well made! If you're interested, My playthrough is below. 


I cant believe how much this scared me lol.

If you want thick atmosphere, solid puzzles and masterfully built suspense, this is the game for you! Loved every second of it.

Just downloaded the Mac version, sadly I can't play it because macOS Catalina doesn't allow 32 bit apps to be run anymore. So if you want to play this on a Mac, don't update to Catalina yet.

Hey, Mr. Horrible Underground Creature? You got something riiiight... all over your mouth area.


For my second Let's Play, I took a crack at your awesome spooky game! I also may have found a bug. I have a knack for that... 

Thanks for the experience! I am looking forward to more!

The third and final part to my playthrough of Shiver. I enjoyed this game so much. It was truly terrifying. 😱😁


I haven't been this terrified of a horror game since Exmortis. Thank you!! Here's the first 2 episodes of my playthrough....

Episode 1:

Episode 2:

Really enjoyed this, was not expecting to get frights from a point and Click game so there you go 

(spanish lets play :D) the game was really awesome and draws you in so quick it really immersive. the art style drew me into this game tbh it the reason i check it out lol. keep the amazing work :D

Thanks for a great little spooky game. Enjoyed the artwork and story.

I have played your game. Very liked it. Was scary as well.

A really nice and beautiful game. We had a lot of fun playing it.

Loved the atmosphere.

Here is a short video we made while playing:

Considering this is just a point and click I got really immersed in this world 😀 

This was a really cool game.  Don't know what that thing was in the woods, not sure if I want to know.  Keep up the great work!

Burrrr its so cold in here! But welcome to Shiver! A cool lil point and click game that is the last game I play in the video! Uber eerie and spoopy with very humorous comments from the player! Enjoyed a bunch! 

Been a long long time since ive played a point and click! I enjoyed this one! Some of the scares really got me good job :)

I have just finished your game.

Nice game. I enjoy these point & click games.

Very well made. Good job!

This game was sooo cool! I don't usually like point and click but this one looked amazing! The story was awesome and the puzzles were not super frustrating. Amazing job! Made you a video: 

Very beautiful game, the style is nice and it does have some subtle scares that don't scream in your face, but easy to miss. 

I thouroughly enjoyed this game! I played Cozy earlier on my channel and it was pheonomenal! Of course, it could've explained what was going on better, but overall the mechanics and the gameplay itself has dramatically improved!

I love this game! It was amazing!!! Not only was I happy about my computer (which is trash) was able to run this game with minimal lag, but I had some fun (I hate being jumpscared though xD)! The audio and images made a perfect combination of eerie, intensity, and foreboding! I would normally look at a point and click horror game and be like "meh" but this one blew me out of the park! I'm just so happy I was able to do a horror gameplay video without lag (^~^). Keep up the good work! I look forward to seeing more awesome games! Thank you very much!

(I might have called this game a visual novel but just ignore that xD)

Tried out your game...

hi, big thx for the very cool game. i like it. greetings from rosti

Nice setting and artwork... That ending though.. still have questions! :)

I liked the first one and this is a good sequal. Sadly I did not have the time for more of this.

This is a nice game. The only thing I wish there was more of is info about the stories that was mentioned in game. Besides that, nice game.

Here's my channel for other games I have played.

Very interesting game

I'm not alone here...

Oooh, isn't this familiar :P

Nice one, actually scary.

Being picky here:

From technical stuff, background noise is not looping seamlessly.

And well, the begining doesn't feel like 1990 at all (both car and music seem to be too modern :P)

Seriously though, good scary story.

Will try this tommorow :)  


Wasn't this out like a year ago?

Yeah I remember yt videos of people playing it.

yep, i literally BOUGHT it like a week ago :,(

I believe you should be able to request a refund through steam for the purchase since it was recent.

Yep, we originally released the game in 2017. But since Kowai Sugoi Studios is officially closing its doors we decided making the game free was a good way for it to live on.

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