A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Shiver is a beautiful and chilling point-and-click horror adventure from Kowai Sugoi Studios. As you explore the recently closed Windy Oaks National Park, you must rely on your wits and bravery to conquer challenges and search for rescue. Spanning the course of one captivating hour, you will attempt to unravel the mysteries of the park and escape with your body intact.

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In the early 1990's, in a time before mobile phones and the Internet, you find yourself traveling to visit your aging father in a remote retirement home. On the way, due to unfortunate circumstances you are stranded in the strangely abandoned Windy Oaks National Park: a new park founded on land donated by the Samstone Mining Company as an act of goodwill after a catastrophic sinkhole accident. Using your wits and tenacity, you must figure out a way to contact help and escape, before the park consumes you.

  • Atmospheric point-and-click puzzle-horror game
  • Art constructed through a combination of painting and photography
  • Spine-tingling experience, lasting 30 minutes to an hour
  • Spiritual successor to popular indie game Cozy
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(137 total ratings)
AuthorsGraham, Evan Crows
GenreAdventure, Puzzle
Made withUnity
TagsHorror, Indie, Point & Click
Average sessionAbout an hour
LanguagesEnglish, French, Chinese (Simplified)


Shiver Windows.zip 172 MB
Shiver Mac 32.zip 174 MB
Shiver Linux.zip 190 MB


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this was so good:) 


It was short, but I enjoyed, bc I like these "old" p&c games, horrors and winter, ha-ha.

I enjoyed the game. Felt on edge the whole time

shortness immediacy arranges forward narrative introspective

gradual discovery entangles pressing need cultivating escape

journey visual progression and endure complex ideas

combination solitary fear to combined detrimental events

I really like this type of games and this game definitely didn't disappoint I really enjoyed it from start to finish 

Awesome Game!  I'll be looking into this Developers other games ASAP!

Would appreciate an update for imac I too have the M1 chip says it needs update..would love to play this game ..thanks in advance 

hi i was trying to download this on my MacBook because it seems super cool but it says it needs to be updated to work on my MacBook, I'm not sure if its because I have the M1 chip but ya thank u <3

Loved the point and Click game, it took a few attempts to find everything I needed in the game, but nothing was too difficult. Loved the design of the monster. It has such a strange maw it feels iconic, especially in that moment it grabs the screen at the end of the game

Hello! Where did you make those photos of road, snow and mine?

neat little point and click puzzle game


The appeal was trying to get out and survive alone yet not alone being hunted by your own frayed emotions and something more sinister.  I also liked the bit of vintage appeal you put in the game with a flashback to some items from the 1990's.  Shiver made me shiver I felt cold and chilled to the bone in some areas and what was watching me from the darkness.

I highly recommend this game.

Amazing Game. Loved to play it. Thanks a lot.

Fantastic probably my favorite itch game so far

awesome! really creepy! An improvement on Cozy in terms of content and puzzles. I liked the radical yet classic take on a rectangle joke being used again lol

Pretty cool game. Tanks for the experience !


I played this right after getting done with Cozy and I was not disappointed with this amazing spiritual follow up. The visuals were simply incredible, atmosphere was foreboding, and the story was intriguing. All of these factors made for a terrific experience, thanks for that by the way, and I hope you keep up the awesome work.


The story was wonderful, the art was great, and for the most part, the game was relatively easy to figure out. Only part that slowed me up was needing to find a flat surface to make a distraction. It didn't exactly click to me that the flipped vehicle was considered a flat surface. But when everything came together, it really was an awesome experience I'd for sure recommend!

Great work!

This was pretty cool, I enjoyed it!

I had a great time playing this game ! Just the right amount of puzzle-difficulty and creepy stuff that I needed today!

Excellent job !

Hello, I'm a playful user of this game. By the way, a streamer is planning to play this game soon, can you translate it into Korean? I'd appreciate it if you could.


Not bad, not bad at all. The graphics were in the realm of pleasing, in fact that was one of the reasons I chose to play this game. I had one good actual jump scare that put a little jolt through my heart... and that was all I needed to be impressed. Although the whole time I am going deeper and deeper into the mine, I cannot understand why I would be so stupid? It worked out I guess..... Oh wait it didn't...

Thanks Dude... that was awesome!

This is such an improvement upon Cozy. Graphically it's gorgeous, the amount of detail and work put into this really draws you into the world. The horror factor is about equivalent to cozy, once again succeeding in making the player feel nervous about what might happen than about what is happening.

A great game. 

i love this game wonderful atmosphere and story 


What a fantastic game that was.Beautiful artstyle, great atmosphere, good scares (some of them got me really good, puzzles were great too, really enjoyed it overall, and I'm looking forward to whatever game you guys make next

Here's my playthrough for anyone curious


That was awesome! Great puzzles, beautiful art work and top notch sound design/music. Thank you very much for the game! Here's my little playthrough (Polish language) Cheers! 

Great experience!  Logical puzzles, excellent art, creepy sound, and good scares.  I loved it!

I ain't gonna lie, I had no idea how to enter the mine so I was just going back and fourth for 10 minutes trying to figure it out and still didn't know how :( But I was absolutely terrified when the car crashed, I hate horrors but for some reason I wanted to continue playing this game! Too bad I'm stooooopid and couldn't figure out how to get into the mine -.-


Call me Hamilton, 'cause I be.

Wow, we should subscribe to this guy, he looks good

Oh hey, don't I know you two? I like your stuff regardless. Maybe we could game together sometime. :{)

You look kinda familiar, but it might just be a coincidence... I've heard of this game, "undercooked" or something, it sounds like a good collab possibility ;)


That would be super cool! So long as you're not one of those people who get aroused under stress...

Feeling kinda attacked rn,  but it's having a weird effect on me... o.O



See our full review here; gaull.xyz (#3)


I really enjoyed this game! Honestly scared me! 9/10! Here's my gameplay


Just a heads up to the developer, MacOS no longer supports x86_32 applications. This won’t run on modern Macs.


a small "problem": This build doesn't seen to support 4:3 aspect ratios by default which is the resolution of my monitor, set at 1024x768. Don't ask. Anyway, I had to customly create a 1366x768 resolution which has a 16:9 aspect ratio  to be able to use the keycard in the back door for accessing the radio, otherwise the screen simply cuts the borders like a DVD would from a standard 16:9 cinema resolution, for example. Other than that was able to finish this game.


I wish there were more games like this one. :/


Sad I can't play this because my computer said it needed to be updated but all the pictures look good and the creature looks terrifying. Great game from the looks of it.


that is because Apple's most recent OS update (Catalina) killed all support for 32-bit applications including hundreds if not thousands of games 

I love this game soooo much! I've made this playthrough and it was hella fun and spooky! 

Something tells me the creature was just one of the lost miners gone rogue...

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