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hello, thx for this great atmposheric pixel game. i love it. i made 2 parts of this game and i hope the friends of pixel-horror love it ;) thx a lot

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This was an really awesome game! I was suggested this game by a friend, and when I heard the name Cozy, I thought it was a nice little game! (I didn't read any of the info about it, so never noticed 'Pixel Horror Jam' part qvq)
So I was mighty surprised how creepy this game turned, amazing work and atmosphere!

Interesting play on the ambience >.< it certainly leaves one with many doubts, and even uncertainties in many places. All in all, great job! Though I'd love to see a more expanded on version thing, or at least know more about the story behind the game!

Awesome game!!

This game was really good for being so short. I did not expect to get that scared in it, but it got me!

A great, short, indie game. If you have 15-minutes to spare, download the game and give it a play. The story is pretty much visit uncle, uncle missing, strange things happen. I wish the game was longer, but it did what it set out to do. Very good job devs!


I just want to say that one of my biggest criticisms with this game is that it wasn't longer. I got sucked in and wanted to play so much more! For a full review of the game and some game footage, feel free to check out my video:


Solid game! Some of the pixel art looks great too.


Hey there, we appreciate you taking the time to make a video about our game and are glad you like it. Also just wanted to say you were correct about the painting in the hall being Saturn :)


Hey! I Saw Your Game And Liked It! I Tried To Play It But The Game Did Not Opened Up...Why? I Have The Latest Version Of Java! What Do I Do?

*Rawr* Hello! I gave your game a Let's Play, a bit short - but it had some good ole' nostalgia in it to me, reminding me of some of the fun times I had on point and click survival horror I had played on Amiga. Here's my gameplay!

AWESOME! Nostalgia for old-school point and click games is a big thing for us too. Glad you had fun!


Really enjoyed this! It had a suitably creepy atmosphere and the graphics were simple but really well done. Good job, looking forward to seeing more!

Hi there, thank you so much for downloading our game. I'm glad to see you enjoyed yourself while playing it. It's always great to get feedback and see what people think of our game.

You know what? I pretty liked this game. It's simple, nothing extraordinary, but still very nice made. The music was good, atmosphere creepy at some places especially after the sun went down. But the ending was annoying, cause it's that type of ending that don't explain anything! xD Anyway nice job and thanks for making this game ^_^


Hey, one of the developers of Cozy here. Thanks a bunch for playing our game, it was our first attempt at a project like this and I'm glad that you enjoyed it. We appreciate all the feedback. :)

Good luck with future projects))

I wonder - how long it will take to beat this game?

Playtime is typically around 15 minutes, though a lot of it depends on the player!


I pess thx,
This games requires JAVA lol
It is 2016 no one any more have java
I will not download that just for this game

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