A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Second Place, Pixel Horror Jam 2016!

As played by Markiplier on YouTube! (1.5+ Million Views)

Why not stay inside?

Arriving near sundown, you step out of your reliable hatchback, and emerge into the muted stillness of the forest.

Hopefully, your uncle is all right.

Cozy is a two-man project for the Pixel Horror Jam 2016.

Please enjoy.


  • Click - Interact
  • ESC - Quit
  • F4 - Fullscreen toggle

Full Source Code Available: Here

Install instructions

For Windows, download and run Cozy.exe.

For Mac/Linux, download and run Cozy.jar.

If using the console or terminal, type in:

java -jar Cozy.jar

Requires Java to play.


Cozy.exe (33 MB)
Cozy.jar (33 MB)


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i loved this game i used it as my first ever video on youtube. i had a lot of fun with it i am a litle dissapointed my my obs keep lagging, and ended up missing the final thing on the game but it was so much fun.

Unexpectedly chilling!!! Thank you for making this game! I had a lot of fun, even though I was a scared weenie most of the time! ^ - ^

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it!

Is it just me or the link is broken? it says for me "network error"

someone help

I got extremely frustrated at the end of this video, because I was interacting with everything, but nothing was happening.

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This game was unexpectedly creepy and I enjoyed every minute of it. I love the nostalgic vibe I got from the point and click style gameplay and the pixel-style graphics. In other words, this game is amazing and I highly recommend it. I give it a 5/5.

In playthrough, I made the mistake of thinking the game was a short story driven game that was full of emotion. I was super wrong lol

Here is my playthrough of the game:

Gameplay In Portuguese

Well, this game was well made! The story was linear but without many hints that made the experience interesting! The sound was on point and the length was almost perfect. Keep up the work!

This was really well done, given that it's a pixelated horror game I was excited to jump into it. It honestly passed all my expectations. However, the ending was a bit anti climactic. Regardless, it was really well done!

https://youtu.be/sawRM4XJ-9g please check out my video on this game

hi there,

I must say that even though that game is quite short and there is not really a way to divide from the path in the story, game is solid and quite interesting ( I would even say "not so clear"). The atmosphere and elements of the environment doing a good job in keeping you on your toes and graphically as far as pixelated style animation goes it is very nice looking. Sound design also fits the mood of the game. My only problem with this I guess is it is a little too short.

Thank you for your work and I hope to see more projects under your names.

I have recorded a little reaction video that hopefully will be something funny to watch ;) Enjoy

hi, here is my part2 of your great game. i hope you like it and sorry, i played it with an laptop, but your game makes a lot of fun. thx for it. greetz ;)

I don't know what it is about these games, but I really like them. the point and click mixed with horror stuff is always super cool and this game's super fun! I made a video if you'd like to check it out, but keep up with the great work!

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This was really fun to play, and I even screamed afew times! When I first saw the game I was gonna chicken out, but Captain Wolffy couraged me on. No regrets made from playing this game! I had fun. Nice to play a good pixel horror game. Wish it was abit longer, but that's fine~ :3

hello, thx for this great atmposheric pixel game. i love it. i made 2 parts of this game and i hope the friends of pixel-horror love it ;) thx a lot

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This was an really awesome game! I was suggested this game by a friend, and when I heard the name Cozy, I thought it was a nice little game! (I didn't read any of the info about it, so never noticed 'Pixel Horror Jam' part qvq)
So I was mighty surprised how creepy this game turned, amazing work and atmosphere!

Interesting play on the ambience >.< it certainly leaves one with many doubts, and even uncertainties in many places. All in all, great job! Though I'd love to see a more expanded on version thing, or at least know more about the story behind the game!


Awesome game!!

This game was really good for being so short. I did not expect to get that scared in it, but it got me!

A great, short, indie game. If you have 15-minutes to spare, download the game and give it a play. The story is pretty much visit uncle, uncle missing, strange things happen. I wish the game was longer, but it did what it set out to do. Very good job devs!

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