A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Check out the free spiritual successor Shiver!


Second Place, Pixel Horror Jam 2016

As played by Markiplier on YouTube!

Why not stay inside?

Arriving near sundown, you step out of your reliable hatchback, and emerge into the muted stillness of the forest.

Hopefully, your uncle is all right.

Cozy is a two-man project for the Pixel Horror Jam 2016.

Please enjoy.


  • Click - Interact
  • ESC - Quit
  • F4 - Fullscreen toggle

Full Source Code Available: Here

Install instructions

For Windows, download and run Cozy.exe.

For Mac/Linux, download and run Cozy.jar.

If using the console or terminal, type in:

java -jar Cozy.jar

Requires Java to play.


Cozy.exe 33 MB
Cozy.jar 33 MB


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I have downloaded your file and find virus.


I'm not used to playing point & click style horror games but this game was awesome with a fantastic design style, amazing audio, and a disturbing atmosphere. Thanks for the experience and I hope you keep up the good work.

On what engine cozy made?

Nice and spooky, just how I like it. 

This is actually really well made! I don't know what it is, but it keeps you locked in the setting and the atmosphere just radiates creepiness! Another example of how simple concept works! 

No Commentary :)

This was a really fun and cool game that honestly frightened me. It sent chills down my spine.

I loved this game so much I created a track of music in homage to it, track 7 in my album of "fan art" music to horror games: https://eldritchrenaissancecake.bandcamp.com/album/tenebris-ludum-musica

Loved Shiver and this was a great successor. We need more point and click games in our lives.

I never played this when it came out, and only watched Markiplier play it recently after I experienced it myself.

Honestly made me nearly need a change of pants, good lord.

Ya got me, I hate to admit it, but you got me.

this game is very good,please,finish the game.I need see the end!

Fun little horror game!


it doesnt work can anyone help i got windows 10

-Made a Video. (Old Video)

Great game. Feel free to share my playthrough, if you want. Always looking for new viewers and new games to play :) 


Not bad, I've enjoyed it! 

So I happy I finally Got to play this! 


Found this game after playing Shiver.  That wind really makes you feel isolated. The atmosphere was great and I have to admit, I jumped more than once. You guys really need to make more games.

OMG, this game is amazing; its short but incredible


man good pizzles and a atmosphere you could cut with a knife I loved it

Simple, but very effective. Heavily packed with fore shadowing of all things that would later make Shiver great.


Seen this game all over YT years ago, and never played it until now. Great game, But you and everyone else already knew that. Here's my chill, peaceful and relaxing playthrough of it. Kick back, relax and watch me get spooked!


I really enjoyed this game. Spooky atmosphere with solutions that make sense instead of having to search for a magic pixel or just randomly using items to get by. Well done, friend.

Absolutely loved it. For some reason my comp set the volume to 0 the first time, and even with that still sent shivers through me. Replayed it with music once I realized this because it deserved the full experience, even if I knew the route already. 

This game is fire. Thank you so much for this little gem.

Nice little game. Thank you!

Hey There! I just played the spiritual successor to this game "Shiver" and I really enjoyed its atmosphere and design. Very Well done.

Well thanks to this game i'm never visiting my uncle again...

Spooky. Nice Work!

very nice little game you got here

scared me! xD


A really great game. The story was good. Loved the pixel art style.

Here is a short video we made while playing:

Keep up the good work!!!

Thank you for such a fun and interesting game keep up the great work.

I really REALLY enjoyed it! Got a little stuck, but that's because I am a Derp McDerpyson! MAKE MORE LIKE THIS! 

Good game.  The pillow "talk" was hilarious. The jump scares were excellent.  Still jumped even when we expected it.

After playing Shiver I had to check this out. Great game. Love a good point and click with great atmosphere. Another job well done... :)


So I derped all over this game. I love pixel horrors. I love point and click horrors. This is amazing! :D!

Hello from Spain!

We have enjoyed playing and we have fallen in love with his artistic style.

We hope to see more jobs in the future and be able to play them. Thank you very much for your effort

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