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Would recommend

This game was so memorable. For a point-and-click game, it was so unsettling and tense. Great work!

Short but good game. Thanks.

It was good.

that was it? you had me pretty edgy but you didn't really finish with a proper scare

Terrifying I love it 

really loved it

christmas time!

That was creepy. Damn good for me I didn't realize the shady figure in the room or I would have shitted myself. Also I loved it the only point and click game where I was actually able to utilize my brains and find solution. Thankyou so much it was a fun experience.

ending was a little odd but I loved the games style

Неофициальный, не встроенный перевод (по сути, русские сабы). Прохождение без комментариев, кстати

(game was spooky, shitted myself couple of times)

-Made a Video.

(sorry for my english)

2022 and I have only just discovered this game. I love this kind of classic scary short story. The car, the bad weather which contrasts with the cozy atmosphere of a residence lost in the woods, etc. I like all these elements.
Bravo ! Greeting from France.

I played this on stream and it scared the fucking crap out of me xD!
I am a very jumpy person in general and it was just such an amazing athmosphere and game in general!

Thanks for making it!

Keep on the good work!



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Perfect start for Spookmas! Loved it!

good and creepy boo! spooky

Hi ! I really enjoyed this old school point and click tribute ! With some original atmosphere too... Thanks for sharing it with us :)

Really good game with a creepy atmosphere. 


Good game! Honestly quite unsettling. 

Pretty nice . 5/5 stars i love it


(1 edit)

I downloaded your file and I found virus like that name: Trojan.Masson.

do you think it is actually a virus or a false-positive?


Nobody else said anything about a virus, are you sure there is one?


I think, that virus very cool to place in any game for spying or some else to do evil. Be carefull.


wtf? I asked if you were sure, not whatever question you would answer with that.

I'm not used to playing point & click style horror games but this game was awesome with a fantastic design style, amazing audio, and a disturbing atmosphere. Thanks for the experience and I hope you keep up the good work.

On what engine cozy made?

Nice and spooky, just how I like it. 

This is actually really well made! I don't know what it is, but it keeps you locked in the setting and the atmosphere just radiates creepiness! Another example of how simple concept works! 

No Commentary :)

This was a really fun and cool game that honestly frightened me. It sent chills down my spine.

I loved this game so much I created a track of music in homage to it, track 7 in my album of "fan art" music to horror games:

Loved Shiver and this was a great successor. We need more point and click games in our lives.

I never played this when it came out, and only watched Markiplier play it recently after I experienced it myself.

Honestly made me nearly need a change of pants, good lord.

Ya got me, I hate to admit it, but you got me.

this game is very good,please,finish the game.I need see the end!

Fun little horror game!


it doesnt work can anyone help i got windows 10

Great game. Feel free to share my playthrough, if you want. Always looking for new viewers and new games to play :) 


Not bad, I've enjoyed it! 

So I happy I finally Got to play this! 

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