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How did you do the sheep animation?  I really like it.  The game was fun and a good take on a common saying.  I liked the ability to hide and it was funny how bad the disguise is, which is totally what a wolf would put together.

The sheep animation was done through a script that would change the position of the sprite based on a sin function. It can be found here if you are interested. For the death animations it was just changing the sprite on an event call while triggering a particle emitter to play. We appreciate the comment. :)

Cool, it looked good, I always have trouble with animations.


This game has got the mechanics of stealth worked out really well! It was awesome to see avoiding the shepherds was done pretty smoothly and things like bushes were fairly helpful to vanishing from their line of sight. Enjoyed the dedication to the gross sheep carcass graphics haha. Good job!

Thanks for the comment, we appreciate it!